Age-Sensitive Dates in Social Security

There are multiple age-sensitive dates to remember when considering your options with Social Security.  Here is a convenient reference to help you keep track.


Ages up to 18 —Child can receive benefits for a deceased parent or for a parent who is retired and eligible for Social Security.


Age 60–Survivor benefits are available with a reduction.  This is also a great age for you and your financial advisor to begin the discussion about your filing strategy.

Age 61 Years & 9 Months—Earliest date on which filing for benefits may be made on your own record, your spouse’s record or your ex-spouse’s record.

Age 64 Years & 9 Months—File for Medicare!

Age 66—Full Retirement Age for those born 1943-1954. 

Age 66-67—Full Retirement Age for those born in 1955-1959 is 66 years plus 2 months for every year over 1954.

Age 67– Full Retirement Age for those born in 1960 or later. 

Age 70—Maximum benefit is reached.