Things to do in Texarkana Part 1 of 3, Arts & Museums

Things to do in Texarkana: Arts & Museums

texarkana vintage green road sign with blue sky backgroundWith the Texarkana Metroplex having roughly 100,000 people there has to be stuff to do to keep the population busy! The next three articles will be a series consisting of things to do in Texarkana and the surrounding areas. The first article will cover Arts and Museums, article two will be parks, recreation, and sports, and finally article three is going to cover shopping and other entertainment that does not fall into the previous categories.

Arts & Museums (1 of 3)


Perot Theatre

The Perot Theatre was originally opened in 1924 as the Saenger Theatre where it became the focal point of entertainment in Texarkana during the mid 1920s. After a generous donation for a remodel in 1979 by Ross Perot it was renamed the “Perot Theatre” in his honor. The Perot is a host for a variety of events ranging from beauty pageants, symphonies, plays, and comedians.

Perot Theatre

Silvermoon Children’s Theatre

Silvermoon Children’s Theatre is exactly what it sounds like, a theatre for kids! Silvermoon puts on high quality performances done entirely by children. This sparks kids interest in theatre and inspires them to keep their creativity and imagination alive. Their performances of shows like “Shrek” fit the theatre perfectly.

Silvermoon Children's Theatre

Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council Center

Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council Center, or TRAHC Center for short, is the headquarters for everything arts related in Texarkana. The TRAHC building is a host for local art shows that display high schoolers work from the year and they have many events for the community such as art classes for kids or ballroom dancing.


Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist allows coworkers, friends, family, or significant others to spend time together and create a masterpiece they can take home with them. PWAT has great instructors that make painting an enjoyable and memorable experience. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a nice glass of wine while you paint with friends?

Painting with a Twist

Photographers Island

I am sure that many of you reading this are wondering what photographers island is; it is the Texas/Arkansas sign outside the post office on Stateline. I, like most of you, had no idea that this had a name! Photographers Island is a unique experience of being able to stand in two states at one time, you can only find that in a few places around the country. If you go to take a picture of the exclusive location do not be surprised if you see someone taking graduation, prom, or engagement photos when you arrive.

Photographers Island

Cinemark Movies 14

Cinemark Movies 14 is a classic movie theater. If you are looking to see the latest action movie, something romantic with someone special, or are wanting a good laugh this is place to go. Grab some popcorn and a soda and have a good time.

CInemark Movies 14


Draughn-Moore Ace of Clubs House

The Ace of Clubs house has so much rich history that every Texarkana resident should be required to tour it. The house is shaped like a club because the original owner, James Draughn, had a gambling addiction. This building is unique in every way from the external shape, before its time technology, and magnificent decoration.

Ace of Clubs House

Discovery Place Children’s Museum

Discovery Place is a great place to take your children on a fun and educational afternoon. Whether it is an exhibit about prehistoric animals or the 1,000,000-volt Musical Tesla Coil your kids will be having fun and learning without them even knowing. Discovery Place is a common field trip location for some of the local schools as well. At an inexpensive price, Discovery Place is great for the whole family.

Discovery Place

Museum of Regional History

Museum of Regional History is Texarkana’s first and oldest museum. This museum has collections about the Caddo Indians, the founding of the city of Texarkana, and even Scott Joplin. The museum is located is a classic downtown building from 1879, which just adds to the experience.The Museum of Regional History is the place to go to learn about the Twin City.

Museum of Regional History

Four-States Auto Museum

This museum is different than the other museums in Texarkana. The Four States Auto Museum is focused on automobiles, auto transportation equipment, and related historical artifacts. The museum is focused on materials that have significance to Texarkana. Four States Auto Museum appeals to car fans and history buffs alike.

Four States Auto Museum

Texarkana Historic Living Districts

Texarkana has a few historic living districts located on both the Texas and Arkansas side. Olive, Wood, and Walnut Street on the Texas side and Beech Street on the Arkansas side. The homes located within this area have a great Victorian style that are actually available to own. If you are driving around near the streets of Stateline and you forget which roads are in the historic district, the telling sign is the brick paved roads.

Beech Street

Olive Street


Keep on the lookout over the next few days for part 2 of 3, Parks, Recreation, and Spectating!

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