Things to do in Texarkana part 3 of 3: Shopping and Other Entertainment

Things to do in Texarkana: Shopping and Other Entertainment

The third and final entry about “things to do in Texarkana” is here! Shopping and other entertainment is what we will fill our last article; if you are a fan of flea markets and garage sales or enjoy watching some classic movies check out what we have listed below!

Farmers Market
Located on Texas Blvd. in downtown Texarkana, the Farmer’s Market is an open, outdoor marketplace for local farmers. Items you can get are handmade crafts, fresh eggs, herbs, home-made baked goods, home-made canned items, and fresh vegetables. All of these are made/grown local!

Farmer's Market
Flea Markets
When many people in the Texarkana are think about flea markets, they think about Canton. What most people do not realize is that Texarkana has a lot of flea markets itself! With at least 8 flea markets located across town, you will not have to wait until the first of every month to get your bargain shopping fix. Check out these locations.

The Back Porch Flea Market

Owls Nest Flea Market

The Cedar Chest

Red Door Chicken Coop

Vintage Bucket

Odd's & Ends

Wagon Wheel

Garage Sales
If flea markets are not your idea of bargain shopping there are plenty of garage sales in Texarkana every weekend. Since summertime is just now getting kicked off be expecting to see “Yard Sale” signs up in every major street corner. Check out the newspapers and look online for a garage sale near you!

garage sale
Central Mall
Central Mall is not the shopping powerhouse it used to be, but it still has quality stores. Dillard’s, JC Penny’s, Champs, and Sears are just a few of the places that Central Mall has to offer.

Central Mall
Texarkana Pavilion
As mentioned previously, Central Mall is not as popular as is used to be. The reasoning for that is due to the rapid growth of the Texarkana Pavilion. With most of the focus of Texarkana moving towards the north side of town, the Pavilion has some of the top locations to spend your money. Whether it is checking out electronics at Best Buy, looking for clothes at Kohl’s, getting a few needed items for home at Target or just going to see a movie the Texarkana Pavilion has almost everything that one would need.

Texarkana Pavilion
Other Entertainment
Escape Texarkana
Escape Texarkana is one of the newest attractions to the area. What is Escape Texarkana you ask? Their description explains it well, “you have 60 minutes to breakout from one of our real life escape rooms. Crack the codes. Use your intuition. Solve the riddles. Find out if you have what it takes to escape in time.” ( If you like thrills and to test your whit, then Escape Texarkana should be the next stop on your list!

Escape Texarkana
Four States Fair & Rodeo
The Four States Fair & Rodeo is the site of the annual fair and rodeo as well as many other events throughout the year. The week long Fair is a huge attraction for people all over the Four States area, but the area is not just used for one thing. The fairgrounds are booked year-round with events ranging from gun-shows, fashion shows, rodeos, garage sales, dog shows, monster truck rallies, concerts, revivals, and many more!

Four States Fair & Rodeo
Texarkana Festivals
Texarkana has a number of festivals throughout the year of many different varieties. The ones listed below are just a few of the festivals throughout the year.

  • RailFest
    RailFest has a little bit of everything to offer car shows, live music, good food, craft booths, and games just to name a few. It takes place in downtown Texarkana towards the end of the school year, so it is a great way to kick off summer.


  • Mistletoe Fair
    The Mistletoe Fair is held closer to the holidays and takes place at the Four States Fairgrounds. The Fair is the premier shopping opportunity to get visit local vendors for crafts and other hand-made goods for the holidays. With over 8,000 shoppers last year and people from all over the city involved the Mistletoe Fair is something you do not want to miss.

Mistletoe Fair

  • Sparks in the Park
    What a better way to celebrate America’s Independence Day than with fireworks at the Fairgrounds. With entertainment and games for the whole family sparks in the Sparks in the Park is great for the whole family.

Sparks in the Park

  • Dragon Boat Festival
    The newest addition to the many festivals of Texarkana is the Dragon Boat Festival. In honor of Dragon Boat racing from ancient China, the festival’s goal is to bring the community together with good competition. Local and regional teams will compete in the races on Bringle Lake.

Dragon Boat Festival

  • Wine Festival
    Unfortunately, the Wine Festival has already passed this year, but it will give you wine lovers something to look forward too next time around! The Wine Festival brings local food vendors together to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and to have some fun while doing it. The festival takes place at Spring Lake Park and is filled with food, music, and obviously wine. Keep an eye out for next year’s dates so you do not miss it!

Wine Festival

Watch  “The Legend of Boggy Creek” and “The Town the Dreaded Sundown
The final entry of things to do in Texarkana is different than all of the other ones. Out of the 3 articles and dozens of things to do this is the only one that does not require you to leave your house. For the ones that do not know, Texarkana has a deep history and not all of it is good. The Phantom Killer, and the Fouke Monster haunted the Texarkana area in the early 1970’s, and now in the memory of those events there has been two films made. “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” and “The Legend of Boggy Creek” are movies directed by Texarkana native Charles B. Pierce and they are about the Phantom Killer and the Fouke Monster. Are they movies Academy Award Quality? No, of course not, but they are enjoyable and a must-watch for any Texarkana resident. Unfortunately, finding physical copies are not easy to find, but luckily for us there is the trusty internet. So crab you some popcorn, pic one of these films, and enjoy watching Texarkana history with friends and family.

The Legend of Boggy Creek

Town that Dreaded Sundown
This is the last post on “things to do in Texarkana”, hopefully some of these suggestions will be put into use! Thank you for reading and check back for the next article or article series!

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