Songs That Mention Texarkana

Similar to the previous article, this next installment is things Texarkana is mentioned in. However, instead of movies, it is songs! I am sure many of you have heard some of these songs, but there are a few songs on this list that I never knew existed. This list will be in alphabetical order no by “best to worst,” let’s get started!

songs that mention Texarkana


“All My Exes Live in Texas” by George Straight

The first song on our list is one that most citizens of Texarkana will know. “King” George Straight debuted this song in April 1986 and it has been a hit since its release. “All My Exes Live in Texas” is such a widely known song that it has crossed over into other music genres and medias. Hip-Hop artist Drake mentions the song in his single “HYFR” and it is played on a radio in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

“Blue Tail Fly” by Leadbelly

Many people are familiar with this song, but not by its alternate title. The original name of the song is “Jimmy Cracked Corn.” The song was originally written in the 1840’s but had been changed many times to fit the public ear. The version of the song where Texarkana is mentioned was recorded in the late 1940’s after World War II.

“Call it What You Want” by Tesla

Lead Singer, Jeff Keith, was actually from Texarkana. Therefore, the mentioning of his hometown actually has meaning instead of just being a word to finish a rhyme. Released in 1991 many Tesla fans claim this song to be their all-time favorite.

“Cotton Fields” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

One of the more popular songs on our list, CCR’s 1969 is actually not a CCR original. Leadbelly, a previously mentioned artist first wrote the song in the 1940’s but it was popularized by CCR and The Beach Boys.

“Eastbound and Down” by Jerry Reed

The theme song of film “Smokey & the Bandit”, mentioned in our previous article, summarizes the entire movie in around 3 minutes. It is a catchy tune with southern country music sounds that seem to always brighten the mood, even though the song is about illegally running from the cops.

“Gimme Gimme Good Lovin” by Crazy Elephant

Crazy Elephant was a true “one-hit-wonder.” “Gimme Gimme Good Loving” was the band’s first single and was there most popular. The song climbed fairly high on the U.S. and U.K. music charts, but unfortunately the songs they released after never met that mark.

“I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash

If you have never heard this 1996 Johnny Cash re-make, then you have been living under a rock. Written originally by Hank Snow in 1962, Cash popularized the song in the late 1990’s. This song has taken wide popularity worldwide with different countries making their own renditions by changing the cities to their own. Most recently Choice Hotels ran a series of commercials that plagued the United States with the catchy tune.

“Let’s Jump the Broomstick” by Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee hit the ground running with her 1959 cover “Let’s Jump the Broomstick.” Her single did not see as much success domestically as it did overseas, I guess America was not too fond of weddings at the time.

“Texarkana” by REM

The first of two songs on our list that actually has Texarkana in the name. This song is about the Twin City but does not actually mention Texarkana during the song itself. “Texarkana” saw lots of success to not be released as a single. Reaching number 4 on Billboard’s Top 100 Alternative songs and 7 on Mainstream Rock Tracks.

“Texarkana Baby” by Eddy Arnold

The final song on our list give the women of Texarkana a good name. Eddy Arnold’s single was one of the first 45 rpm records every recorded and saw some small success in 1949.

Let us know what your favorite “Texarkana song” is!

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