Locally Owned Restaurants in Texarkana

10 locally owned and operated restaurants in Texarkana, TX/AR

Locally Owned Restaurants in TexarkanaDo you ever get tired of eating at restaurants that you can find in almost every city across the nation? Why not mix it up for a change! The twin city of Texarkana Texas and Arkansas is filled with dozens of locally owned and operated restaurants. These local restaurants can range from sushi and fajitas all the way to just a classic cheese burger. The 10 restaurants in our list are not the “top 10″ local restaurants in Texarkana, although they are all very popular.

Naaman’s BBQ

To start off our list is one of the newer restaurants in Texarkana, Naaman’s BBQ. At only a couple years old, the national champion BBQ has found its home at 5309 N. Stateline Texarkana, TX. Naaman’s has been rated the “Best BBQ in Texarkana” by Four States Living Magazine. Built out of an old gas station and a food truck, Naaman’s provides high quality food with a hometown dining experience. It has a higher ticket price, but the food is well worth it.

Naaman's BBQ

Zapata’s  Mexican Grill and Cantina

Now we will jump to another southern favorite, Mexican food. Zapata’s Mexican Grill and Cantina was founded in 2002 and has been a hit ever since. Located on 217 Walnut St. in downtown Texarkana, AR, Zapata’s is a great location for celebrating birthdays, business dinners, or just a nice meal with family and friends. The staff will go above and beyond to make your dining experience one to remember.

Zapata's Mexican Grill & Cantina


We will stick to the downtown theme for these next three restaurants. Verona Restaurant is an elegant Italian dining experience. Located at 212 E. Broad St. in Texarkana, AR Verona has a great  high-class atmosphere. The remodeling of a vintage downtown building gives the customer a vibe that they are dining in Italy. If you go to Verona, be prepared to spend a little money. A meal for two including desert and drinks will run you a little under $100, give or take.

Verona Restaurant

Pecan Point Gastropub & Brewery

Pecan Point Gastropub & Brewery, yes brewery, is another one of our local downtown restaurants. It is located on 213 Main St. on the Texas side of downtown. Opening in 2014 Pecan Point has been on a consistent rise. Having great food on top of beer you cannot get anywhere else make for a winning combo. The interior of the restaurant really takes the customer back to when Texarkana’s downtown was thriving.

Pecan Point Gastropub & Brewery

Pecan Point Gastropub & Brewery

Hopkins Icehouse

Hopkins Icehouse is our last of the downtown restaurants. Hopkins is located across the street from Zapata’s on Third St. and they also have another location across town at 4030 Gibson Lane. Hopkins was opened in 2007 and has been one of the most popular bars in Texarkana ever since. The standard “bar menu” of nachos, burgers, pizza, etc. is anything but ordinary. The atmospheres of both locations is great as well. The downtown location is more focused on the bar aspect with live music on the weekends, while the Gibson lane location is more restaurant focused with lots of space to dine with family or friends.

Hopkins Icehouse Downtown

Hopkins Icehouse Gibson

Pop’s Place

We will stay on the Arkansas side of town for this next restaurant. Pop’s Place is about as locally owned as you can get. Pop’s has been around for a long time and started off with a small one room restaurant, but since has grown to have two large outdoor decks complete with full bar and stage for live music. Famous for the seafood, steaks and complementary bread pudding, Pop’s is a restaurant unlike any other.

Pop's Place

Pop's Place

Reggie’s Burgers, Dogs, & Fries

Moving back across town we will stop at Reggie’s Burgers, Dogs, & Fries. Reggie’s opened in 2012 and serves exactly what you would think, burgers, dogs, and fries. With a 1950’s theme the hand-spun milkshakes and photographs of hot rods compliment the Black Angus burgers very well. Reggie’s is located at 4284 St. Michael Dr. by Cinemark and Best Buy. With the small design of the building, it is not uncommon to eat your burger standing up.

Reggie's Burgers, Dogs, & Fries

Ironwood Grill

Ironwood Grill is a local favorite of the Pleasant Grove area. Founded in 2005 and located at 4312 Galleria Oaks Dr. Ironwood has been a go-to for lunch in Texarkana. It is almost guaranteed to see someone that you know while grabbing a bite to eat at this restaurant. The specialty tacos and burgers cooked on a wood-fire grill give a flavor that cannot be matched.

Ironwood Grill

Fuji Kim’s Sushi and Grill

Fuji Kim’s Sushi and Grill has the best sushi in Texarkana. Who would have guessed that Japanese cuisine could be mastered in an east Texas town? The staff is very friendly and even rewards regular customers with specialty chop-sticks of their very own. This is definitely a great place to go when you want something different.

Fuji Kim's Sushi & Grill

Twisted Fork Grill & Lounge

The final restaurant on our list is Twisted Fork Grill & Lounge. The Twisted Fork’s “New American” style of food, delicious wine, and their classy atmosphere make a great location for date night. Located at 5522 Summerhill Rd. the Chef on the Run, Jeff Loving, took his quality catering and put it into a fine dining establishment.

Twisted Fork Grill & Lounge

Once again, this list is in no way a “top 10” list. It is simply 10 local restaurants that you will not find in any other city in the country. They all add their own unique dining experience along with high quality food to make your time in Texarkana twice as nice. Stay tuned for more lists similar to this one!


This article was written and created by Rhett Bright.

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