Famous People From Texarkana

10 famous people from Texarkana

Famous People From Texarkana

The twin city of Texarkana, TX/AR has had many celebrities grow up within the city limits. This article focuses on 10 of those people that call or have called Texarkana home. These 10 selected are not the most famous, or best people out of the dozens of options we had, we wanted to cover a variety of fields. Some of them you will know and some of them you won’t, see who made the list!

water tower

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Songs That Mention Texarkana

Similar to the previous article, this next installment is things Texarkana is mentioned in. However, instead of movies, it is songs! I am sure many of you have heard some of these songs, but there are a few songs on this list that I never knew existed. This list will be in alphabetical order no by “best to worst,” let’s get started!

songs that mention Texarkana

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Movies That Mention Texarkana

10 movies that are about or mention Texarkana, TX/AR

Our last article regarding “things to do in Texarkana” ,more specifically the section about “The Legend of Boggy Creek” and “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”,was the influence for these next two articles. What are some other music or movies that mention Texarkana? It turns out that Texarkana has been involved in quite a few films and songs. This two-part series will cover both of those topics with the first one being movies.


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Things to do in Texarkana part 3 of 3: Shopping and Other Entertainment

Things to do in Texarkana: Shopping and Other Entertainment

The third and final entry about “things to do in Texarkana” is here! Shopping and other entertainment is what we will fill our last article; if you are a fan of flea markets and garage sales or enjoy watching some classic movies check out what we have listed below!

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Things to do in Texarkana Part 2 of 3: Parks, Recreation, and Spectating

Things to do in Texarkana: Parks, Recreation, Spectating

The second entry in our “Things to do in Texarkana” series is Parks, Recreation, and Spectating. Unlike the previous entry of arts and museums, most of the things listed below take place outdoors and are great ideas if you like sports, adventure, or just want some sunshine.

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Things to do in Texarkana Part 1 of 3, Arts & Museums

Things to do in Texarkana: Arts & Museums

texarkana vintage green road sign with blue sky backgroundWith the Texarkana Metroplex having roughly 100,000 people there has to be stuff to do to keep the population busy! The next three articles will be a series consisting of things to do in Texarkana and the surrounding areas. The first article will cover Arts and Museums, article two will be parks, recreation, and sports, and finally article three is going to cover shopping and other entertainment that does not fall into the previous categories.

Arts & Museums (1 of 3)


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Jobs in Texarkana: Start Planning Your Future

Employment is a hot topic in America today. With the unemployment rate sitting around 5% as of April 2016 it is important to find a stable job that can provide for both you and your family. The job opportunities that Texarkana provides are some unlike any other city in the nation. Since, the city is in two states it provides unique work experiences and careers for all professions. Listed below are 13 companies that provide may jobs in Texarkana and the surrounding areas.

Texarkana, TX/AR

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Locally Owned Restaurants in Texarkana

10 locally owned and operated restaurants in Texarkana, TX/AR

Locally Owned Restaurants in TexarkanaDo you ever get tired of eating at restaurants that you can find in almost every city across the nation? Why not mix it up for a change! The twin city of Texarkana Texas and Arkansas is filled with dozens of locally owned and operated restaurants. These local restaurants can range from sushi and fajitas all the way to just a classic cheese burger. The 10 restaurants in our list are not the “top 10″ local restaurants in Texarkana, although they are all very popular.

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A Look into the Taxation of Social Security

Social security taxDid you know that you may be taxed on your Social Security income?

You might assume that since you’ve been putting money into Social Security over the course of your career, that the money you take out at retirement is free from taxes. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case.

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Your Financial Advisor’s Answer Should Be “NO!” To This One Question

That conversation is one I’ll never forget.

“Son,” he said with a slight chuckle, “In this business there are three people that need to make money.  The home office, the financial advisor, and the client. But listen, two out of three ain’t bad.”

Financial Advisor Sales Goals

I was a brand new financial advisor for one of the largest brokerage firms in the nation.  This “wisdom” was coming from a top producing veteran advisor.  Since he was very successful, and I was new, I was asked to shadow him for a while to learn how he did things. I’ll have to say, I did learn a few things. More than I expected or wanted to learn.

I knew that it was a sales job when they hired me.  It was clear that I would be expected to produce revenue and generate a profit for the firm. I didn’t have an issue with any of that.  What bothered me was what I had to do just to meet their sales quota.

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